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5 business challenges delivered with success

1. Drive Revenue

We engage the brain-power of a global staff to develop new revenue ideas that pay off. We're happy to present the case - reach out!

2. Engage Millennials

We created a real-time employee survey to empower teams that expect action right here, right now. Would you like a demo? Reach out!

3. Sustain Motivation

We've proved it can be done and we've made it fun. Would you like us to inspire you with how gamification could help your employee motivation?

4. Increase employee retention

We know employee disengagement is bad for business and bad for the quality of life, we've done something about that.

5. Increase customer business

Motivating customer agents to be experts delivers satisfied repeat customers.

Who we are

Imagine the business potential if each of your employees changed just one small aspect of their behavior. These micro behavioral changes can create tremendous business value. Orchard is a team of experts in human motivation, business logic, digital design and gamification. We design and implement employee behavior change solutions that make work more fun, rewarding, and collaborative. Our solutions help you improve business results, because they are built on what really motivates your employees.

Lasse Hansen

Founding Partner & Managing Director

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Camilla Kjelstrup

Chief Product Officer

Alex Kushnir

Technical Director

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Mikkel Biering Sonnenschein

Digital Designer


Saga Lovissa Alanne


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Peter Colsted

Board Member


Nicoline Helgstrand


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