We design Micro Behavioral Change Programs that are fun, rewarding and collaborative

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A selection of our clients

How we do it

1. Define the Opportunity

We help identify the behavior change that can lift your business results.

2. Find the Motivational Drivers

We define the drivers and barriers to change and the levers that motivate action and engagement.

3. Concept Develop and Test

We develop and test initial concepts for your solution.

4. Implement

We manage the development, integration, and launch of your program.

5. Sustain

We support the ongoing data management, result monitoring, behavior analysis and program evolution until the goal is reached, and beyond.

Who we are

Imagine the business potential if each of your employees changed just one small aspect of their behavior. These micro behavioral changes can create tremendous business value. Orchard is a team of experts in human motivation, business logic, digital design and gamification. We design and implement employee behavior change solutions that make work more fun, rewarding, and collaborative. Our solutions help you improve business results, because they are built on what really motivates your employees.

Kristian Rix

Managing Director & Partner

dk.linkedin.com/in/kristianrix +45 42 75 58 60

Elizabeth Rankich

Commercial Director & Key Account Manager

dk.linkedin.com/in/elizabethrankich +45 22 77 78 44

Camilla Fielsøe van Dijk

Product CEO, MoodStories


Kristopher Damgaard-Bochlas

Product Commercial Director, Shine

dk.linkedin.com/in/kdamgaardbochlas +45 53 86 60 60

Alex Kushnir

Technical Director

+45 42 43 02 50

Mikkel Biering Sonnenschein

Digital Designer


Anne Sofie Secher Banke

Anthropologist, External Researcher

+45 40 44 91 45

Claus Schellerup

Finance & Administration

dk.linkedin.com/in/clausschellerup +45 25 11 85 88

Atifa Rasooli

Project Coordinator

+45 28 32 14 36

Camilla Kjelstrup

Project Coordinator & Operations Management

Philipp Schinke

Sales & Marketing Manager

linkedin.com/in/philipp-schinke-6927ab107 +45 53 70 58 60

Lasse Hansen

Founding Partner & Business Logic Expert

dk.linkedin.com/in/lassekjaerhansen +45 24 88 11 20

Peter Colsted

Board Member



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