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In order to change people’s behavior we need to understand what motivates them- see the world from their eyes – and understand their unique needs and ambitions.

Anthropologists are primarily concerned with explaining and unravelling ‘culture,’ or the ways in which individuals and groups of people create meaning and make sense of the world. Applied business anthropology is a theoretical and methodological approach that seeks to understand, explain and discover solutions to the challenges encountered within the diverse array of fields in which commerce and daily work life takes place.

This means that we take a grounded approach and conduct our research in the fields of daily life – amongst people – where we live, work and consume. Our focus is on identifying the cultural meaning of behavior and motivation. Therefore, our attention is focused on articulating the unique cultural processes, differences, beliefs, social relations, values and desires that form peoples’ real life experiences.

At Orchard, our anthropological approach allows us to create solutions that are unique to the needs of our clients. This is because our solutions are the result of in depth, on the ground ethnographic, observational research and analysis, supported by a foundation in anthropological theory.

We develop engaging digital and real life gamification solutions that succeed because of the strength of our anthropologically-based research and analysis.

Deploying an Anthropological Lens

From our initial collaboration with a client, to field research, concept development and implementation of a solution, Orchard’s employs an “anthropological lens” that guides our approach. This is more than a collection of methods or a specific social theory used to explain human behavior. At its foundation, it is a trained disposition and appreciation for making sense of cultural complexity.

Anthropological Disposition

  • An appreciation for cultural complexity
  • Curiosity about the details (however small) of everyday life
  • Continually questioning assumptions of norms

Theoretical Toolbox

  • Draws on relevant anthropological theory as it applies to understanding to the specific, cultural circumstances of an organization

The Methodology of Ethnography

  • Allows us to see the world from the eyes of users
  • Consists of participating in the life and work of research subjects

Supplemented with In-depth interviews, focus groups, usability studies

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