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As global businesses are spread out geographically, our solutions naturally tend to have a digital platform. Our expertise in user-centered design and experience with building digital platforms enables us to successfully develop, test and implement digital solutions that are precisely right for you.

Some companies tend to jump on new technologies because they sound like magic solutions, but the risk is that without a deep understanding of your business processes and employee habits, attitudes, frustrations, and needs, the platforms do not get adequately used or integrated into daily work.

Since our approach is based on user-centered design, we spend quality time up-front working with you and your employees to understand which micro changes in their daily work behaviors could be stimulated to create valuable business improvements.   We don’t give you an off-the shelf template. We actively design the platform to address exactly your goals.

The nice thing is that the platform is highly flexible, so once you have used it to tackle one  set of issues, we can work with you or other departments in your organization, to  re-design it to address new challenges.  For example, one department might want to focus on changing certain employee behaviors in their retail stores, while another might want to collect and rank new product and service ideas from employees, and a third, create new sustainability or health and wellness behaviors.  We will work with you to tailor-make these solutions, so that you have success in motivating your global workforce toward the behavioral changes that will give you real business value.

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